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Is Americano healthier than latte?


The UK has seen a surge in coffee culture, with cafés offering a plethora of coffee options from espressos to flat whites. In such a thriving coffee landscape, many health-conscious individuals often wonder about the health benefits or drawbacks of their favourite drinks. One question that arises frequently is: Is Americano healthier than latte? To address this query succinctly— it largely depends on how you define “healthier.” Americanos have fewer calories and sugars due to the absence of milk, but lattes offer nutrients like calcium and protein from the milk content. Below, we’ll delve into the details to provide a comprehensive understanding of the health implications of both drinks.

Is Americano a laxative?

Many people believe that coffee acts as a natural laxative, and there is some scientific evidence to back this claim. However, the laxative effect is generally attributed to the caffeine and other compounds present in coffee, not specifically to Americano.

“It’s not just Americano; most coffee types can stimulate the muscles in your digestive system, primarily due to caffeine content.”

Therefore, if you find that coffee typically makes you head for the loo, you’re likely to experience the same effect whether you drink an Americano or a different type of caffeinated coffee.

Factors Contributing to the Laxative Effect

  • Caffeine Content: Generally, the higher the caffeine content, the stronger the potential laxative effect.
  • Acidity: Coffee is acidic, which may also contribute to its laxative properties.
  • Hydration: Contrary to popular belief, coffee can contribute to your daily fluid intake, which in turn may aid digestion.

Does Americano cause anxiety?

Like other forms of coffee, Americano does contain caffeine, a stimulant that can potentially lead to increased anxiety levels in some individuals. The level of anxiety caused by consuming an Americano can depend on several factors, including the amount of caffeine in the beverage and individual sensitivity to caffeine.

“If you’re sensitive to caffeine, it’s not just Americano but any caffeinated coffee that can exacerbate anxiety symptoms.”

Caffeine and Anxiety: A Closer Look

  1. Sensitivity: Some people are more sensitive to caffeine and therefore more likely to experience anxiety.
  2. Dosage: The more caffeine you consume, the higher your risk of experiencing anxiety.
  3. Metabolism: How quickly you metabolize caffeine can also influence its anxiety-inducing effects.

Does Americano cause bloating?

Bloating is generally not attributed to the coffee itself but rather to the additives like milk, sugar, or syrups that are often included in various coffee preparations. Since Americano is typically just espresso with added hot water, it is less likely to cause bloating than a latte, which contains milk.

“Americano is essentially water and coffee, making it less likely to cause bloating compared to milk-based coffees.”

Factors Contributing to Bloating

  • Lactose: Milk-based coffees can cause bloating in those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Sugar and Syrups: These additives are more common in specialty drinks and can contribute to bloating.
  • Carbonation: Not relevant for Americano or latte, but some coffee-based sodas can lead to bloating.

Americano vs Latte: Nutritional Overview

To truly understand which of these coffees is “healthier,” it’s useful to compare their nutritional profiles:

Calories5-10 kcal150-200 kcal
Sugar0 g13-17 g
Fat0 g6-9 g
Protein0 g6-9 g
Calcium0 mg220-300 mg

In summary, while Americanos are lower in calories, sugar, and fat, they also lack the protein and calcium found in lattes. Your choice between the two should therefore depend on your specific dietary needs and health concerns.

In the UK, where the coffee culture continues to evolve, it’s important to make informed choices about your beverages. Whether you opt for an Americano or a latte, knowing the potential health benefits and drawbacks can help you enjoy your cup while also looking after your well-being.