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Best Travel French Press Mug

best travel french press

1. BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set

The BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set has evidently been through considerable improvements from its previous model, enhancing both its functionality and design. Made from double-wall steel, it is a robust and efficient coffee-making tool that solves the leaking problem of its predecessor, providing a reliable and spill-resistant performance. The 0.35 liters volume is a significant upgrade, ensuring users can enjoy a full mug of freshly brewed coffee on the go.

BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker
BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker

Stainless Steel with Extra Lid, Vacuum, 350 ml/12 oz


  1. Quality Material: The stainless steel construction ensures the travel press is durable and retains heat effectively, keeping the coffee warm for hours.
  2. Enhanced Volume: The upped capacity to 0.35 liters allows for a more satisfactory amount of coffee per use.
  3. Non-skid Base and Comfortable Grip: The rubber base and silicone band grip enhance the ergonomics and usability of the travel press, ensuring a comfortable and stable hold.
  4. Efficient Design: The plunger mechanism is easy to use and reliable, offering smooth coffee brewing and pouring.

Mixed Feedback:

  1. Rubber Elements: Despite their functionality, some users may find the rubber elements aesthetically unappealing or uncomfortable to hold.
  2. Pouring Spout: The pouring spout, while generally functional, is not entirely leak-proof, which may be an issue for users looking to carry the travel press in a bag.


  1. Not Entirely Leak-Proof: The travel press is not designed to be completely leak-proof, which may limit its portability and convenience for on-the-go users.
  2. Coffee Grounds: Some coffee grounds may escape the mesh, which is a common issue with French press coffee makers.

Despite the aforementioned drawbacks, the overall performance of the BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set is commendable. Its easy and effective coffee brewing process, alongside the additional regular lid for versatility, makes it a worthy investment for coffee lovers. It’s particularly suitable for making fresh coffee at work or other settings where a traditional coffee maker is unavailable. The detailed considerations in its design, such as the non-skid base and comfortable grip, contribute significantly to the user experience, making the coffee-making process a pleasant and hassle-free task.

In Conclusion: While it is not without flaws, the BODUM Travel French Press Coffee Maker Set stands out as a substantially improved and thoughtfully designed product that responds to the feedback and needs of its users. For those seeking a convenient and reliable coffee-making solution, it’s a viable option worth considering. The Travel Press offers quality and efficiency at a reasonable price point, reflecting a balanced blend of form, function, and affordability.

2. RECAFIMIL Portable French Press Coffee

The RECAFIMIL Portable French Press Coffee Maker proves to be an essential gear for coffee enthusiasts on the move. The product showcases a unique filter system made with robust stainless steel that efficiently keeps grounds out, promising a clean, satisfying cup of coffee. Its dual-wall construction made from BPA-free 18/10 stainless steel offers commendable insulation, ensuring that your beverage stays warm for an extended period.

RECAFIMIL Portable French Press Coffee Maker
RECAFIMIL Portable French Press Coffee Maker
• Stainless steel fine mesh plunger for a clean brew.
• BPA-free 18/10 stainless steel walls ensure warmth retention.
• Simple brewing process for a quick, delightful coffee.
• Enhanced base for optimal coffee preparation.
• Portable and ideal for travelers and commuters.


  1. Efficient Filter System: The RECAFIMIL Portable French Press is equipped with a stainless-steel mesh plunger and a dual filter system, guaranteeing a clear coffee output with minimal grounds. The additional silicon gasket is a noteworthy feature that prevents unwanted flow through the filter when not being pressed, allowing you to store coffee in the mug without worrying about continuous extraction.
  2. Sturdy Construction: Built with two layers of naturally BPA-free 18/10 stainless steel, the coffee maker is strong, durable, and capable of keeping your coffee warm for a long time. This makes it an ideal companion for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Ease of Use: The simplicity of its operation is another advantage. The straightforward process of adding coffee grounds and hot water, allowing it to steep, and then pressing the plunger ensures that you have a delightful coffee experience even when you’re on the go.
  4. Travel-Friendly Design: Perfect for individuals who are always on the move, this portable coffee maker lets you enjoy fresh and delicious coffee anytime, anywhere. Despite its minor flaws, it manages to stand out as a handy and reliable coffee-making tool for travelers and commuters alike.


  1. Delayed Shipping: One downside is the extended delivery time, taking up to a month due to international shipping from China.
  2. Stability Issues: The coffee maker’s rubber bottom is deemed too small, making it prone to tipping over easily. Despite its robust build, this design flaw may be a concern for users who prioritize stability.
  3. Pressure Handling: While mostly secure, the coffee maker might exhibit minor leakages around the pouring hole when subjected to pressure from hot liquids inside, creating a slight mess.

In conclusion, the RECAFIMIL Portable French Press Coffee Maker is a thoughtful and practical investment for coffee lovers seeking quality and convenience. Despite some minor drawbacks, its exceptional filtering system, robust build, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to your travel gear, ensuring that you never have to compromise on the quality of your coffee, no matter where you are.

3. Bollire Travel Mug – Coffee Press

The Bollire Travel Mug is a valued daily companion for coffee enthusiasts, earning high marks for its heat retention, holding drinks hot for 2-3 hours. Users enjoy its dual functionality, allowing for brewing coffee or standard use by swapping the lid. Despite slight leakage when tipped, its lightweight, ergonomic design, and non-slip base make it convenient for various activities, including outdoor adventures like fishing. The additional standard lid and competitive price further enhance its appeal, making it a worthy investment for coffee lovers on the go. The Bollire Travel Mug exceeds expectations, providing quality and versatility at an affordable price.

Bollire Travel Mug - Coffee Press
Bollire Travel Mug - Coffee Press
• Standard lid + french press coffee lid.
• Non slip base.
• Easy grip
• Double walled