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Is French Press Coffee More Acidic?

French Press and Acidity

In a short response, French press coffee is not inherently more acidic compared to other brewing methods. The acidity in coffee depends on various factors including the coffee bean type, grind size, water temperature, and brewing time.

The Acidity of Coffee

The acidity of coffee refers to its pH level, but also to its flavor profile. Coffees grown at high altitude, often described as bright or crisp, generally exhibit more acidity. However, the brewing process, including the method used, plays a significant role in the overall acidity of the coffee beverage.

Factors Affecting Coffee Acidity

Coffee Bean Type

Different types of coffee beans have different levels of acidity. Arabica beans, for example, tend to have a higher acidity compared to Robusta beans.

Grind Size and Brewing Time

The grind size and brewing time also influence the extraction process, affecting the coffee’s acidity. A fine grind and longer brewing time can extract more acids.

Water Temperature

Higher brewing temperatures can extract the coffee compounds responsible for acidity more efficiently.

“Understanding the various factors that influence coffee acidity can help coffee enthusiasts brew a cup to their specific taste preferences.”

French Press Coffee Acidity

French press coffee brewing allows for full immersion and robust extraction of coffee grounds. The method’s use of coarser grounds and a relatively short brewing time means that it might extract slightly less acid compared to other methods like espresso.

Reducing Acidity in Coffee

If you’re concerned about the acidity in your French press coffee, consider these tips:

  • Use dark roast beans.
  • Use water at a lower temperature.
  • Reduce the brewing time.


Is French press more acidic than pour over?

French press coffee might be more acidic than pour-over because it retains more oils and fine particles, potentially leading to a fuller-bodied but more acidic brew.

Is French press or drip coffee more acidic?

French press coffee may be more acidic compared to drip coffee. The metal filter in a French press allows more coffee oils and fine particles to pass through, possibly resulting in a more acidic cup.

Is French press better for reflux?

French press may not be the best option for individuals with reflux. It can produce a richer and more acidic coffee. Those with reflux might consider other brewing methods like cold brew or pour-over that typically yield a smoother and less acidic coffee.


In conclusion, while French press coffee is not necessarily more acidic, understanding and manipulating the different factors influencing acidity can help you brew a cup of coffee that suits your taste and dietary preferences.