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Does flat white have foam?

Does flat white have foam?

Introduction: The Essence of a Flat White

Rooted in the coffee cultures of Australia and New Zealand, the flat white has found its way into the UK’s cafe scene. As its popularity soared, so did the debates and discussions surrounding its unique character. One of the most frequent questions posed is: Does a flat white have foam? To address this, let’s dive deep into the essence of the flat white and its distinguishing characteristics.

The Core Components

Understanding a flat white involves appreciating its core components. At its most basic, a flat white consists of espresso and steamed milk. But it’s the ratio, texture, and treatment of these components that sets it apart.

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Espresso Shot

A flat white typically features two espresso shots. The double shot provides a robust coffee flavour, which is crucial as it has to shine through the milk without being overwhelmed by it.

Steamed Milk and the Foam Factor

“The hallmark of a great flat white is the consistency of the milk.”

Yes, a flat white does have foam, but not in the thick, frothy manner seen in a cappuccino. Instead, the foam in a flat white is microfoam — velvety, smooth, and integrated seamlessly with the milk. It’s a thin layer, hardly noticeable to the eye, but palpable in the mouth.

Comparing Coffees: Flat White vs. Its Peers

One of the best ways to grasp the foam character of a flat white is to compare it to other popular espresso-based beverages.

Coffee TypeEspresso ContentFoam Thickness
Flat WhiteDouble ShotThin layer of microfoam
LatteSingle or Double ShotLess foam than a cappuccino, more than a flat white
CappuccinoSingle or Double ShotThick, frothy foam

The Perfect Foam: A Barista’s Craft

Achieving the right microfoam consistency requires skill and precision. It’s a result of steaming milk to the point where it achieves a velvety texture without creating the large, airy bubbles found in cappuccinos.

  1. Start with cold milk to allow for a longer steaming process.
  2. Insert the steam wand at a slight angle to create a whirlpool effect in the milk.
  3. Focus on achieving a smooth, consistent texture.
  4. Once done, tap the milk jug on the counter to eliminate any large bubbles.
  5. Swirl the milk to maintain the smooth texture before pouring.


Conclusion: Celebrating the Flat White’s Subtlety

In the realm of coffee, the flat white stands out not for its boldness but for its subtlety. The delicate layer of microfoam enhances the drinking experience, ensuring a creamy consistency from start to finish. Whether you’re a barista looking to perfect the craft or a coffee enthusiast eager to understand your favourite drink better, embracing the nuanced beauty of the flat white can be a delightful journey.