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How Strong is Breakfast Blend Coffee

How strong is breakfast blend coffee

In the UK, where tea has historically reigned supreme, coffee culture is booming with an increasing variety of blends, roasts, and brewing methods. Among these varieties, the Breakfast Blend has emerged as a morning favourite. But how strong is it, really? Contrary to its energising name, the Breakfast Blend is not particularly robust in terms of caffeine content, though it offers a smooth and balanced flavour. This article dives into the intricacies of Breakfast Blend coffee, with a special focus on its strength and acidity.

What is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Breakfast Blend coffee doesn’t have a standardised recipe, but it’s generally a blend of lighter roasted beans, sometimes incorporating beans from different regions. This blend is designed to provide a balanced flavour that pairs well with a variety of breakfast foods.

Characteristics of Breakfast Blend

  • Light to Medium Roast: Typically lighter than dark roasts, aiming for a balanced flavour.
  • Smooth Taste: Not too bitter and not too acidic.
  • Varied Origin: May include beans from various regions to achieve a unique flavour profile.

How Strong is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

The term “strength” in the context of coffee can refer to a few different things: flavour intensity, caffeine content, or even the robustness of the aroma. Let’s explore each of these dimensions.

Caffeine Content

Breakfast Blend is generally lighter in roast, which means it often has slightly more caffeine than darker roasts, albeit the difference is usually minimal. However, the caffeine content also depends on other factors like the brewing time and the coffee-to-water ratio.

Roast LevelAverage Caffeine Content per 8 oz
Light Roast90-100 mg
Medium Roast85-95 mg
Dark Roast80-90 mg

Flavour Intensity

When it comes to flavour, Breakfast Blend is not as intense as espresso or a dark French roast. It is typically described as smooth and well-balanced, suitable for those who prefer a less overpowering coffee experience.

Breakfast Blend Coffee
Breakfast Blend Coffee

Seattles Best Coffee Breakfast Blend Medium Roast

Is Breakfast Blend Coffee Less Acidic?

Acidity in coffee is often mistaken for sourness, but in the coffee world, it refers to a bright, sparkling quality. Breakfast Blends, due to their lighter roast, usually have a higher acidity, but this shouldn’t be confused with being sour or tart. However, if you are sensitive to acidity for health reasons, a darker roast might be more suitable.

“In terms of acidity, light roasts like Breakfast Blend often exhibit more acidic notes. However, this acidity is generally considered a desirable trait, contributing to a coffee’s complexity.”

Impact on Stomach

Some people find that higher acidity coffee can be harder on the stomach. If that’s a concern for you, you might opt for a low-acid coffee blend instead. However, it’s worth noting that the term ‘acidic’ in the context of coffee is often misunderstood. It doesn’t necessarily correlate with the pH level of the coffee but refers more to the flavour profile.


In the growing UK coffee market, the Breakfast Blend has carved a niche for itself as a morning staple. While it may not be the strongest option in terms of caffeine content or flavour intensity, it offers a smooth and balanced coffee experience, making it an ideal companion for your morning toast or English muffin. However, if you are sensitive to acidity, it might be worth exploring darker roasts or low-acid blends.