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Maxwell house breakfast blend coffee

Maxwell house breakfast blend coffee

In the ever-expanding universe of coffee options, Maxwell House Breakfast Blend has earned its place as a staple for many coffee enthusiasts. This article dives deep into what makes this particular blend stand out, especially for the UK market where tea has traditionally reigned supreme.

Why Maxwell House Breakfast Blend?

The primary attraction of Maxwell House Breakfast Blend is its balanced flavour that manages to be neither too bitter nor too acidic. It provides a smooth kick-start to your morning without overwhelming your taste buds. In the UK, where people are accustomed to a strong cup of tea, this blend offers a delightful alternative for a caffeinated start to the day.

The Genesis of Maxwell House

Maxwell House was first introduced in the United States in 1892 by Joel Cheek and Roger Nolley Smith. The brand earned its fame for being the coffee of choice at the Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Distinctive Features

  • Mild Flavour: Ideal for those who prefer a lighter taste.
  • Consistency: The blend maintains a uniform flavour, cup after cup.
  • Accessibility: It is widely available in supermarkets and online.

Comparing Coffee Preferences: UK vs USA

While Americans are known for their love of drip coffee, the British have a storied history with tea. Yet, coffee culture has been steadily growing in the UK, particularly in the form of espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Statistical Insight

Coffee TypeUK Preference (%)USA Preference (%)
Drip Coffee1550

The Rise of Home Brewing

The advent of the pandemic has led to an increase in home brewing. Maxwell House Breakfast Blend, being both affordable and widely available, has seen a surge in sales in the UK market.

Quote from a Home Brewer

“I’ve tried several blends over the last year, but keep coming back to Maxwell House Breakfast Blend. It’s just the right balance of flavour and intensity for my mornings.”

Critics and Reviews

While generally well-received, some critics argue that the blend lacks the nuanced flavours found in specialty or freshly ground coffees. However, for its target audience, who prioritise convenience and consistency, it hits the mark.

Professional Reviews

  1. It offers a ‘relaxed complexity’ with hints of citrus.
  2. The blend is mild enough for those who are new to coffee.
  3. It is ideal for those who seek a reliable and fuss-free coffee.
Maxwell House Mild Coffee Powder Tin
Maxwell House Mild Coffee Powder Tin

I have mixed feelings about this purchase. The Maxwell House Mild Coffee itself is fantastic—exactly what I was looking for. The mild flavor suits my palate perfectly, and I can understand why it has become a favorite in my household. It’s especially appreciated since mild blends like Mellow Birds are hard to come by these days.

However, the delivery experience left room for improvement. The delivery person didn’t wait for me to answer the door, which could have led to a wet delivery if it had been raining. Fortunately, the coffee was in a tin, so no harm done this time.

To sum up, the product is excellent for those who prefer milder coffee options, but be aware that your experience may vary depending on the delivery service.


Maxwell House Breakfast Blend offers a balanced and accessible coffee experience, making it a viable contender in the burgeoning UK coffee market. As home brewing gains traction, this blend is well-positioned to become a household name, offering a palatable introduction to the world of coffee.