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Cappuccino how many shots

Cappuccino how many shots

A cappuccino is a beloved staple in many coffee shops around the UK. Known for its creamy texture, rich flavour, and the artistry that often comes with its presentation, it’s a beverage that has fascinated coffee enthusiasts for decades. One of the most common questions surrounding this coffee drink is, “How many shots of espresso does a cappuccino contain?” The answer may seem simple, but it’s wrapped in tradition, variations, and personal preferences.

Traditional Cappuccino Composition

“A classic cappuccino is an equal balance of espresso, steamed milk, and foam.”

The Classic Formula

At its core, a traditional cappuccino contains:

  • One shot of espresso
  • Equal parts of steamed milk
  • A dollop of milk foam on top

This formula ensures that each component can be distinctly tasted, making the experience of sipping a cappuccino uniquely delightful.

Size and Proportion

Typically, the total volume of a cappuccino is 180ml. Here’s a breakdown:

Espresso60ml (1 shot)
Steamed milk60ml

Modern Variations and Preferences

As with many traditional beverages, modern tastes and regional preferences have led to variations in how a cappuccino is made.

Double Shots and Strength Preferences

Some prefer their cappuccino with a stronger coffee flavour. This is achieved by adding two shots of espresso instead of one. Coffee shops in the UK might offer this option to cater to those who desire a more robust coffee kick.

Size Matters

In larger coffee chains, you might find different cappuccino sizes. As the size increases, the number of espresso shots typically does too:

  • Small: 1 shot
  • Medium: 2 shots
  • Large: 3 shots

Personalising Your Cappuccino

The beauty of coffee culture, especially in a country as diverse and contemporary as the UK, is the ability to customise your beverage to your liking.

“Coffee is a personal experience, and everyone has their signature way of enjoying it.”

Finding Your Perfect Ratio

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your coffee preference. If you desire a stronger coffee taste, don’t hesitate to ask for an extra shot. Conversely, if you prefer a milder flavour, you can always opt for less espresso.

Milk Alternatives

Modern coffee culture has embraced various milk alternatives, such as almond, soy, oat, and coconut milk. Each adds its unique flavour profile to the cappuccino, allowing further personalisation.


While the traditional cappuccino in the UK typically contains one shot of espresso, modern variations and personal preferences mean that this isn’t a strict rule. Whether you prefer one, two, or even three shots, the essential thing is to enjoy your cappuccino exactly the way you like it.