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Welcome to – Your Ultimate Guide to the Wonderful World of Coffee!

Are you a coffee enthusiast, a casual drinker or simply curious about the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee? No matter your level of passion for this beloved beverage, is the perfect destination for you.

At LocalBlend, we celebrate the diverse flavours and unique stories of coffee from all corners of the United Kingdom. We are a vibrant community of coffee lovers, dedicated to discovering and sharing the finest local blends, roasters, and coffee shops.

NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Instant Coffee 500g Tin
NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Instant Coffee 500g Tin

NESCAFÉ Gold Blend is a premium coffee made from 100% coffee beans, offering a rich and full-flavored cup. Its convenient hinged lid with Click-to-Close technology ensures secure re-sealing, and the tin is space-efficient for easy storage.

Spiller & Tait Signature Blend Coffee Beans - Multi Award Winning
Spiller & Tait Signature Blend Coffee Beans - Multi Award Winning

This coffee boasts an award-winning flavor with a rich, full-bodied taste and minimal bitterness, earning accolades from the Great Taste Award 2017 and Taste of the West Awards 2014. It’s a premium espresso blend of Arabica beans from Columbia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia, and India, roasted in the UK for optimal freshness and flavor. Suitable for various coffee makers, it’s ideal for any time, especially breakfast, catering to a broad range of tastes. Should any freshness concerns arise, they promise to address them promptly.

What to expect from

🌱 From Bean to Cup: Unravel the fascinating journey of coffee, from its origins to the delightful cup you savour every day. Discover different coffee varieties, processing methods, and brewing techniques that bring out the best in every bean.

Local Gems: Explore our curated directory of independent coffee shops and roasters across the UK. From artisanal roasters in London to hidden gems in the Scottish Highlands, we’ll help you find the perfect cup near you.

🏆 Blend Spotlight: Each month, we feature a standout local blend or roaster that has captured our hearts and taste buds. Learn the story behind these exceptional coffees, and perhaps discover a new favourite.

🎓 Tips & Tricks: Hone your barista skills with our expert advice on brewing the perfect cup at home. From choosing the right beans to mastering different brewing techniques, we’ve got you covered.

📆 Events & Workshops: Stay informed about the latest coffee events, tastings, and workshops happening around the UK. Connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the local coffee culture.

Join us on this exhilarating adventure and let be your passport to the rich and diverse world of coffee in the United Kingdom. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news, updates, and exclusive offers directly in your inbox.

Welcome to the LocalBlend family, and happy brewing!

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