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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Roses?


Yes, coffee grounds can be beneficial for rose bushes. Here’s why:

  1. Organic material: Used coffee grounds add organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, water retention, and aeration. Organic material also encourages beneficial microorganisms and earthworms that aid in soil health.
  2. Nitrogen: Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, a nutrient that is vital for plant growth and is a key component of chlorophyll, the compound plants use to convert sunlight into glucose.
  3. Slightly Acidic: Roses generally prefer a slightly acidic soil, and coffee grounds can help to increase soil acidity.

However, it’s important to use coffee grounds correctly to avoid potential problems. Coffee grounds should not be the only organic material you use as a soil amendment. Rather, they should be part of a balanced compost mixture. Additionally, they should be used in moderation to avoid making the soil too acidic.

It’s also worth noting that while fresh coffee grounds are acidic, used coffee grounds are neutral. If you rinse your used coffee grounds, they will have a near neutral pH of 6.5 and will not affect the acid levels of the soil.

So, coffee grounds can be beneficial to roses, but like with most things, they should be used appropriately and in moderation.

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